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If you know a missing seminar or you have found a mistake in an existing booking, don't hesitate, take part of expanding this seminar database even bigger and better! We have almost (or really?) the biggest on-line seminar database, but it is even not complete. Lets's make it even better!

No registration needed, just send an e-mail to this address with the following informations:
  - seminar name (if any)
  - beginning, end [year/month/day]
  - country
  - city [original name]
  - instructor(s)
  - theme
  - information [web, email, or maybe telephone, cell-phone, fax]

Please note that I have to change some special national characters to other ones because of the database character set [for example "Ø to Ö", "ø to ö", "å to ä, ae or a", and so on].

If you know a missing or broken link on the links page, please let us know, too. (In that part of the homepage I don't have to convert special national characters.)

Every useful informations are welcome. Thank you for your help.

Roland Huszti
Bujinkan Dojo Szeged (Hungary) webmaster
2017 aug. 22.
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